The GCL Way

GCL Construction has developed a basic process that enables clear communication, planning, and budgeting. Below are the seven steps to making your remodeling project successful. Remember, remodeling is not easy! It is a long, tedious process requiring planning, clear communication, and more planning.

Initial Consultation

During the initial consultation, GCL CONSTRUCTION will provide you with expert advice while gathering all the information available concerning your project.

Initial Presentation

During the initial presentation, your project will be reviewed along with a preliminary drawing (if applicable). If you have provided GCL CONSTRUCTION the Work Scope and Specifications for your project, GCL CONSTRUCTION will provide a budget range.

Agreement For Design

Some projects present difficult design problems, require complicated drawings, and/or have no work scope and specifications. These issues must be resolved before a budget can be established for your project. The Agreement ForDesign addresses these issues.

Design Presentation

During the Design Presentation, you will be provided all the information associated with the Agreement for Design for your review. Any changes needed will be identified and completed. You will receive the final design, work scope, specifications, and budget for your project.

Construction Agreement

The Construction Agreement is based upon the final design, Work Scope, and Specifications .

The Pre-construction Meeting

Upon authorization of the Work Scope and Specifications, GCL CONSTRUCTION’s production department will review your project and provide you a production schedule.

Construction Begins

By choosing GCL CONSTRUCTION, you have become part of a WINNING team and can look forward to achieving SUCCESS.